The Night Sky Month by Month

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Publisher Dorling Kindersley
Binding Hardback
You'll be seeing stars all year round in this dazzling guide to the night sky. This comprehensive reference book shines bright with crystal-clear month-by-month charts of the planets, stars, and constellations in the northern and southern hemispheres.?? The Night Sky Month by Month features specially-commissioned artworks and stunning photography introducing the main attractions to spot every month, including bright stars, key constellations, and meteor showers. You can get started with ideas for the best equipment to use and top tips for budding beginners and amateur astronomers alike. Then see for yourself how views of the night sky change dramatically depending on the location and time. Soon you'll be navigating the night sky for yourself, following the paths of the planets, tracking the phases of the Moon, and preparing for special celestial events.?? Get ready to find your place in the Universe with the ultimate night sky atlas.