Fling, Sling and Batter Your Way to Victory

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Publisher QED
Binding Hardback
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Discover the gruesome armoury of siege warfare and set up your own exciting castle siege. Learn where to position your archers, how to load your catapult, and exactly where to aim–then catapult your way to victory!

In the Middle Ages, castles controlled the land around them and provided bases from which knights could ride out to attack the enemy. 

With detailed information on the armour and weapons used by medieval knights and soldiers, this essential work explains how opposing armies attacked on foot and on horseback – with a terrifying range of siege engines invented to break down a castle’s defences. 

Each spread is introduced with a diary entry, alternately from the attackers and defenders, as the siege progresses. The book also details the deadly array of weapons and armour used in medieval warfare.

What’s more, there are a mangonel catapult and three targets to build! The tuck box contains push-out model sheets for a complete mangonel catapult and targets.