Sporting Jowetts

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Publisher Tempus Publishing
Binding Paperback
In this compelling book looking at the sporting history of the Jowett company, Noel Stokoe has compiled an absorbing selection of thoroughly entertaining personal accounts by Jowett drivers in competition from 1906-1954, including the mammoth treks across Africa to the Le Mans class wins of the 1950s Jupiters and the rally successes of Javelins. The beauty of this period was that in the early years after the war private individuals could enter prestigious events and stand a chance of doing reasonably well. Big business and corporate backers had not moved into the sport at that time, although sadly this situation did not last for long. By the late 1950s the private entrant no longer stood any realistic chance against the 'big boys' and their corporate backers. However, the reminiscences of these local enthusiasts deciding to 'have a go' in pre-war trials and record attempts provides an engaging record of a time now past.