Sirhowy Valley Through Time

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Publisher Amberley
Binding Paperback
This book shows us how the passage of time has transformed the Sirhowy Valley. Covering more than a century, photographs of Tredegar, Blackwood, and everywhere else, give us fascinating glimpses of life in industrial South Wales. Once beautifully wooded, with crystal clear streams flowing into a river bearing plentiful fish, the valley was scarred by the arrival of ironworks, collieries, and levels. From small beginnings, the valley evolved into a thriving industrial community. Over the last few decades, things have changed dramatically. Gone are the open spaces, the cinemas and the small family businesses. They have been replaced by houses, bingo halls, supermarkets, travel agents, building societies, and charity shops. In contemplating the Sirhowy Valley's turbulent past, author Ewart Smith submits that in so many ways, life is far more pleasurable today than it was for our forbears.