Scam! A Survivor's Guide to Cons and Rip-Offs

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Publisher Cassell
Binding Paperback
Cover Price £4.99
Everyone has been conned at some stage - whether you've had your bag stolen, your credit card number lifted, or paid more than you should for a taxi ride. You never know when there's a swindler in your midst and by the time you do, they're often twenty minutes down the road. This book reveals the swindles, scams and slights-of-hand that take seconds to happen but drive you crazy for hours or possibly days. Most fraudsters use simple elements such as surprise, distraction and fear to take advantage of their unsuspecting victims. Taking only minutes to read, Scam! alerts you to the tell-tale signs of imminent cons, helping you to keep your wits, your finances and your property intact in even the most tricky situations.