Glasgow with a Flourish

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Publisher Amberley
Binding Paperback
Glasgow is a great city. Struck by the large number of Glaswegians who have contributed to this greatness but are no longer remembered, Michael Meighan set out to correct this by producing short biographies of a few of these great people, hugely famous in their time and now all but forgotten. This is Michael's personal selection, featuring names that he grew up with or whom his parents and their generation talked about. Some, like Tom Honeyman, have been exceptional leaders. Tom's quiet tenacity established a world-recognised art gallery through his persistence against bureaucratic barriers. Hugh Roberton founded the world-famous Orpheus Choir and Tommy Lipton founded an international tea company. And, of course, Matt McGinn and Lex McLean simply gave us a laugh. This book also reflects the Glaswegians' commitment to education. Time and time again Michael found that our great industrialists and inventors took advantage of new facilities such as Anderson's Institution and the world's first Mechanics Institute. Education was fostered and even in the poorer areas there were possibilities for those who wanted to pursue them. Through the stories of a few Glasgow heroes this book shows that it was Glasgow's people who 'Let Glasgow Flourish'.