Glasgow Smells!

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Publisher Tempus Publishing
Binding Paperback
There was nowhere the smell enveloped you as it did at Glasgow Cross. At that interchange of roads and cultures, the smells came in great swathes... if you had your eyes closed you could tell almost exactly where you were.' For Michael Meighan, all the most vivid boyhood memories are inseparably mingled with the potent scents of Glasgow's streets. Through heady description of each of these odours, Michael returns to the city where he grew up in the 1950s and '60s, revisiting the people and places he knew as a child. Beginning in the dimly-lit rooms of Davy Ireland's tobacconist ship, amongst acrid smoke and the aroma of freshly printed news, travelling via the Glasgow tram, reeking of leather and electricity, and along the pungent docks and fish market, the book winds its way through the city. Seen through the eyes of a child and illustrated with original sketches and archive photographs, the book offers a unique perspective on all the most famous locations in Glasgow that will captivate anyone who knows the city.