Family Book Amazing Things to Do Together HB

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Publisher Michael O'Mara
Binding Hardback
Cover Price £14.99
This book is a cornucopia of entertaining activities - ensuring fun for all the family. There are ideas suited to all the different occasions that families spend time together: weekday evenings, summer holidays, birthdays and special occasions, school breaks - even when someone in the family is laid up in bed recovering from illness. A simple index provides quick reference when looking for something to do on a wet afternoon, or a car journey, or when you need Plan B in double-quick time. It is presented in a beautifully blocked cloth cover with a classic retro feel. It helps you: make a family photo collage; prepare an unforgettable breakfast in bed; find your way with a map and compass; map a family tree; solve mathematical and visual puzzles; build a nesting box; and convince someone they are invisible. It shows you how to play 'I packed my bag'. Enjoy family dodge ball. It shows you: how to puzzle your family with riddles; make and use a family code machine; how to play the anagram game; read your family's fortune; and how to play Botticelli. It also includes: play the tray memory game; organise recycling around the house; find out how to put up a tent; make sure your family survives being lost in the desert; test your family's taste buds; and take the best family photographs and create snow angels. All this and much more fun for all the family, it's better together!