Edwardian Housewifes Companion

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`La Belle Epoch' - Edward VII's reign from 1901 to 1910 - is often seen as a time of endless summers and large country house parties. It was, but only if you were rich, life was very different at the other end of the social scale. The motor car was becoming a 'must have' for the upwardly mobile, aviation was gaining momentum and electricity was becoming more common in Britain's homes. It was also a time of great social change. The `class' system was important to the Edwardians, a subject of constant debate in the newspapers. Using contemporary photographs and advertising this book takes you through this fascinating period, the inventions and the politics, how they lived and what they bought and what they did for entertainment. How did the Edwardian lady dress? What were they eating? Life in Edwardian times is revealed by Mrs Rowena Davison, an Edwardian housewife, mother and business woman who gives us an insight into that `golden era'.