Easy Gluten Free Cooking


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130 Recipes plus nutrition and lifestyle advice for a gluten free diet. Gluten from wheat is present in an overwhelming amount of the food we eat. Increasing numbers of people however, are discovering that they are either allergic to wheat and gluten or have a gluten intolerance - a coeliac condition. The restrictions of a gluten free diet can make eating well seem impossible. Easy Gluten Free Cooking contains over 130 nutritionally sound recipes - specially designed to help make a gluten free diet easy to follow. A range of Soups and Snacks * Main course meals * Desserts and Puddings including yummy Nut Brownies and sweet Almond Fruit Pastries As well as recipes, Easy Gluten Free Cooking contains essential advice, support and top tips for gluten free living. The nutrition you must know about * Gluten free for children * Kitchen cupboard essentials * Emergency gluten free - in a hurry food * Eating out, holidays, social pressures and more