Cramond Through Time

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Publisher Amberley
Binding Paperback
Cramond is situated in the north-west of Edinburgh, on the east bank of the River Almond where it flows into the Firth of Forth. Here, at the close of the last ice age, hunter-gatherers frequented the raised beach where they left the waste from their flint working. This makes Cramond the oldest known site of human habitation in Scotland. Much later, the Romans chose the site using the river mouth as their harbour. Above it they built a fort and nearby there grew up a native village. Caer Amon (the fort on the river) played a unique part in the campaigns north of Hadrian's Wall. Nor was that all, for Roman influences seem to have lingered here right into the Dark Ages. Certainly the Kirk, built at an early date with Roman stones on a Roman site, has proved a permanent legacy. This fascinating visual journey through time will surprise and delight anyone who knows and loves the area.