Chepstow Through Time

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Publisher Amberley
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Chepstow (Welsh: Cas-gwent) is a town in Monmouthshire, Wales, adjoining the border with Gloucestershire, England on a bend of the River Wye. The region has been occupied since Neolithic times, and the Romans built a settlement close to the town when they arrived in AD 48. Chepstow itself was founded by the Normans, who built the castle in about 1067. In the Middle Ages, Chepstow developed as a port noted for its imports of wine and exports of timber and bark. In the late eighteenth century, the town was a focus of early tourism as part of the 'Wye Tour'. The tourist industry still plays a major part in the economy of Chepstow, but in the past fishing and small-scale shipbuilding had been carried on in the town for centuries. Chepstow Through Time offers the reader a real insight into the life and times of the town and of the many changes that have taken place over the years to enable it to grow to the prominence it enjoys today.