Cheltenham in the Great War

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Publisher History Press
Binding Paperback
Cheltenham in the Great War is the first book to portray the town, its people and the impact of the `war to end all wars' from the declaration of war in 1914 to Armistice Day in 1918. Almost 1,000 Cheltenham women left by train every day for munitions work, hundreds made airplanes in the Winter Gardens, many were nurses and most former suffragettes joined the WVR. Why did two schools do double shifts and for what did the townspeople raise GBP186,000 in one week in 1918? How did Cheltenham cope with 7,250 soldiers billeted in the town and `khaki fever'? This book gives an insight into the lives of different social classes in Cheltenham - including stories of remarkable women - and how their war was fought on the Home Front. The Great War story of Cheltenham is told through considerable new research and is vividly illustrated throughout with evocative, informative images, many of which have not been published previously.