Changing York

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Publisher Fonthill Media
Binding Paperback
York is one of Britain's best preserved cities. Through a combination of sheer luck, the efforts of passionate conservationists and the apathy of the Luftwaffe, many of York's unique historical treasures survive to this day for visitors and residents to enjoy. Changing York aims to record nearly one hundred of these riches, showing how they were in the past and how they have survived and function today. We visit the Minster and some of the countless other churches and places of worship, workhouses, almshouses, hospitals, prisons, bridges, walls, and the Mansion House - a panoply of treasures which gives an exciting insight into the history of this fine English city. A truly unique feature of the book is the inclusion of photographs from the prestigious and rarely seen Evelyn Collection, held by the Yorkshire Architectural & York Archaeological Society. These stunning images give an unrivalled snapshot of York life in the early 20th century, showing the city in ways that will fascinate and enthral.