Butetown and Cardiff Docks

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Publisher History Press
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This fascinating collection of 200 photographs tells the story of Cardiff's disappearing docklands, known throughout the world as 'Tiger Bay'. It illustrates the history of the docks and the associated residential area of Butetown with its eclectic mix of nationalities and cultures; a fact highlighted by a researcher in the 1950s, who counted fifty-seven different nationalities residing in the area. The reader will encounter street scenes, with buildings that are long gone, demolished to make way for what is now knows as the Cardiff Bay Millennium Waterfront. The book provides glimpses of the metamorphosis of the docks from a small harbour to become the heart of a coal exportation and a centre from production. It will provide older residents of the area with a nostalgic look at the recent past and new residents with a view of what life was really like for those who lived in Tiger Bay. This endearing collection, selected mainly from the Butetown History and Arts Centre archives, provides an unparalleled insight into Butetown and Cardiff Docks and introduces the reader to some of the personalities that inhabited Butetown. In this selection , the authors bring alive the sights and scenes of Butetown to portray the area's rich historical heritage.