Brewing in Britain, An Illustrated History

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Publisher Amberley
Binding Paperback
The story of beer and brewing in Britain is a diverse tale. Like a deep, amber ale, the development of the brewing industry is rich and full of depth. The history of brewing in Britain is a cornerstone of the country's culture. Dating back to the Domesday Book, where more breweries were recorded than wineries, through to the glory days of the Victorians, the industry and the popularity of brewing in Britain has sky-rocketed in the past twenty years with the rise of the micro-brewer. Proving that real ale will never die, the huge number of small craft brewers across Britain show that demand for the industry is still high. In this illustrated book, the Brewery History Society divulge images from their extensive archive to tell the intriguing story of the growth of this significant industry. First setting the scene with the foundation of Sumerian brewing, detailed chapters look at the development of the industry during the medieval period through to the Victorians and the modern brewers of today. Filled with anecdotes and interesting facts, they explore the history of the industry and its important role in the national heritage of Great Britain.