Braunton and Around Through Time

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Publisher Amberley
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Change is inevitable and continuous. In Braunton many of the changes have been recorded in photographs, sometimes professional, most often by the people of Braunton taking a picture of their village. The two events driving most changes since 1900 were the closing of the railway and construction of new roads: one to Ilfracombe, one to Barnstaple. Other changes were more gradual: old buildings replaced by new, changes in the use of buildings and industries opening and closing. Traditionally Braunton had both a port, from which vessels worked the coastal trade, and agriculture. The port has gone, although the moorings are still used for recreational craft. Tourism is very important now as many people come to enjoy the beaches and surrounding area. The Braunton & District Museum has chosen a selection of photographs to show how Braunton has changed over the last hundred years, and what has endured.