Bradford Transport

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Publisher Amberley
Binding Paperback
Organised transport services commenced in Bradford in 1882 and since then the streets have witnessed the passage of horse trams, steam trams, electric trams, trolleybuses and motor buses. Author David J. Croft has assembled an unrivalled collection of photographs dating from the earliest years of public transport to the present day, and this selection of around 200 takes the reader on a comprehensive tour of transportation past and present. For many years the services were under municipal control, but numerous other operators have come and gone. The city pioneered trolleybus operation in 1911 and has the distinction of being the last place in Britain to operate this environmentally friendly form of transport. Besides traditional Bradford vehicles, less well-known vehicles are depicted, plus those preserved in museum collections. Bradford Transport promises to prompt fond memories among the city's older residents, and to acquaint the younger generation with its tremendous heritage.