A-Z of Swansea

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Publisher Amberley
Binding Paperback
This is a book for everyone who loves Swansea, this rainswept place by the sea. The town has not always lived in the full glare of history but it is a place that has made its own contribution to the world, always looking outwards. As Swansea's industry developed, the rural poor moved into the town in search of employment in the copper works and mines, each trying to build a new life in a cramped town. Add to this the rest of the world that arrived via the docks and you get a heady and bewildering mix. From the Swansea social whirl of the Georgian Assembly Rooms to the bizarre story of Zeno, murderer and spy, Geoff Brookes takes you on an A-Z tour of Swansea's history. Fully illustrated with photographs from today and yesterday, this new A-Z history will show you the places and the people that have built the Swansea that is loved by both visitors and residents alike.