Anfield Voices

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Publisher Amberley
Binding Paperback
All of the stories in this book are true accounts, collected in tape-recorded interviews and transferred to the page. The stories, told by the fans themselves, are of real events which have touched and, in some cases, significantly changed people's lives. But there must be more tales about Liverpool Football Club than there are waves on the Mersey - so, the aim has been to collect a varied selection of memories, and in so doing attempt to convey some of the passion and fervour that the fans have for their team. Liverpool Football Club is one of the oldest in the Football League, with a proud history dating back more than one hundred years. During that time the club, spurred on by its many fans and supporters, has reached the dizziest heights and gained just about every national and international accolade in football. Also, it cannot be denied there have been many times of great depression and anxiety in this long and illustrious story. The reminiscences selected and recorded here reflect the variety of these events. Since the very earliest days, the face of Anfield has been continually changing and the club itself is now very different from what it was at its start in 1892. Amidst all of these changes, however, one aspect remains constant, and that is the spirit of the club and its supporters! All fans will enjoy sharing the memories recorded here, and in so doing will doubtless recall many more of their own.