A Tank Gunners Story

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Publisher Fonthill Media
Binding Paperback
After fighting in Europe in the 712th Tank Battalion in the Second World War, Gunner Louis Gruntz rarely spoke of his wartime experiences. Fifty years on, when his son had grown up and was going through a difficult period in his life, Louis decided it was time to break his silence. He took his son on a journey along the historic battle route of the 712th Tank Battalion in Europe, reliving the experiences that had remained buried in his mind for over half a century. From the very battlefields on which he fought, Gunner Gruntz tells his wartime story to his son--of friendships and camaraderie, of the hardships of daily life, of the victories won, of when he was wounded and earned the Purple Heart, and of the brave pals he lost and has never forgotten. This is not only an historical account of battles and operations, it is also a deeply personal and emotional story of a father choosing to share the burden of his wartime memories with his son, and of his son's growing appreciation of the sacrifice made by America's 'Greatest Generation'.