50 Finds from Lincolnshire Objects from the Portable Antiquities Scheme

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Lincolnshire is a diverse county. Its landscape ranges from Chalk Wold to Limestone plateau, to Fen and Coastal Marsh. The archaeology contained within it is equally dramatic, with thousands of years of history still visible across the countryside. Artefacts are an important part of this resource, though many of them now lie within the ploughsoil. Since 2003, over 75,000 discoveries from Lincolnshire have been reported to the Portable Antiquities Scheme. 50 Finds From Lincolnshire charts some of the most intriguing and enigmatic objects discovered by the public, and illustrates how these finds add to our knowledge of the past. Adam Daubney is the Lincolnshire Finds Liaison Officer for the Portable Antiquities Scheme. He has been recording archaeological objects in Lincolnshire for over fifteen years, and has a particular interest in Roman Britain and the rural landscape. Adam has a PhD from the University of Leicester, in which he explored the significance of multi-period artefact scatters in Lincolnshire.