100 Facts: Roman Britain

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Publisher Miles Kelly
Binding Paperback
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100 Facts Roman Britain is an amazing illustrated children's book for 710 year olds. Discover fascinating information about everything from how the Romans fought to their style of architecture and the far-reaching effects of Roman beliefs. Covering a wide range of topics, 100 numbered facts will challenge children, encouraging reading from start to finish. Every page is packed with detailed artwork, while activities, quizzes and cartoons add an extra element of learning and fun, making 100 Facts Roman Britain the perfect introduction to this fascinating topic. Topics covered: The Roman world, Enemies of Rome, Britons attacked, Roman conquest, Rebels in chains, Britannia, Marching with the Eagles, Frontier defence, A network of roads, Roman towns, Temples and shrines, Villas in the country, Working the land, Fair trade, A hard days work, Learning and medicine, Time to relax, Togas and jewels, Food and drink, A new faith, Last of the legions.