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World Physical Three Sheet Wall Map 1 to 14 Million

A truly fabulous map for people of refined taste

  • Have you got a wall big enough
  • Have you got vision
  • Can you afford it
  • Vying to be one of the ultimate world maps


Currently only available as three individually laminated sheets.

Please measure your wall to check that it is large enough to display this map; as it's almost three metres wide!

All right it may be in French and it may be presented as three individual sheets, but ... Oh! What a map. I could spend the next paragraph eulogising this map and I think I will. Well, to start with the sea is powder blue. If you thought that was a colour more affiliated with the sky than the sea, so did we initially, but it's not as far as IGN's cartographers are concerned; what vision! It attempts to cross the boundaries between political and physical and succeeds due to the sheer scale of the map. The colouring is subtlety personified and oh so beautiful, making this one of the few maps that really allows you to appreciate where the mountains lie on the different continents.

It comes as three seperate laminated sheets, which allows you to choose your preferred format for presentation; America-Centred, or Greenwich Meridian-Centred (standard), or Asia-Centred. Alternatively, when purchased you could theoretically decide which way you think the world should be presented. Continental drift has never been open to such considerable artistic license. Maybe Asia on the left, the UK in the middle and the United States on the right. You could then make fun of people who didn't notice your antics!

Please note that due to some programming difficulties, the zoomable image of this product still displays the previous edition of this map; which had teal green coloured sea. That version is no longer available, though the mapping style, the colouration of land areas, and also the labelling, are all very similar to those of the current edition.

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