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Wall Maps & Posters

The Huge London Knowledge Map Encapsulated

Special Version Seamless Laminated

  • Seamless Overlap - the best version
  • 2M wide - write on and wipe clean
  • Extensive booklet street index
  • Devise ways to avoid Hangar Lane roundabout!


Special seamless overlap laminated version. Brand new 2017 print, Edition 12. The A-Z Knowledge London map is THE tool for anyone learning the London Taxi Knowledge. This map is the huge (200cm wide) encapsulated version and comes as two flat plastic coated sheets which are laminated front and back, for a write-on / wipe-clean surface. This is a "Map of two Halves" and you know the score! It comes as two sheets; an Eastern sheet and a Western sheet. Our version of these is uniquely processed -and this is important- so that when one sheet overlaps the other when displayed on your wall, there is no white overlap, the mapping on our version will be seamless, but this is not the case with any other available versions that we are aware of, please see all of the product images for a better idea of what we mean.
The large scale street mapping of this product is the best available, with an incredible amount of detail. The information presented includes one-way streets, restricted access, pedestrianised roads, residential walkways, railway stations, local authority and postcode boundaries, car parks, cycleways, house numbers, park and ride, leisure and shopping centres, police stations, post offices, safety cameras with speed limits, toilets, hospitals and more. This map is basically encyclopedic and is a necessity for anyone who really needs to understand the road layout of London and learn the street names. The map comes with a comprehensive street index in booklet form which with the clear grid on the map makes it easy to find any street. There is also a short guide to hospitals, walk-in-centres and hospices covered on the map. This is the plain paper version. This Knowledge Map has a write-on / wipe-off surface, and secondly our particular version is uniquely processed so that when on a wall the join between the two halves is invisible - not interrupted by the white border around both halves. For any further information or if a browser update incompatibility error appears on checkout, please contact us directly - our sales line is on 01208 73171.

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