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Is this the largest Antique globe in the World

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Is this the largest Antique globe in the World

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  • Posted: 15 November 2010

    Egnazio Danti (Perugia 1536 – Alatri 1586 ), a Dominican friar was one of the greatest mathematicians and cosmographers of his era. During the period he spent in Florence, he was the Court Cosmographer to Cosimo I de’Medici, from 1563 until the duke’s demise.

    The Terrestrial Globe by Egnazio Danti that is found in the Guardaroba or Sala delle Carte Geografiche (the Map Room) in the Monumental Apartments in Palazzo Vecchio is an extremely rare piece because of its size of more than two meters in diameter and the era in which it was made. It was constructed around 1567 on orders from the Duke of Florence, Cosimo I de’Medici. It was part of a larger project for furnishing and decorating a room that would celebrate the patron and his well-known interests in the physical and natural sciences. It depicts the world as it was known to and imagined by the men of the Late Renaissance: the seas are furrowed by sails and infested with sea monsters, there are graduated circles and the names of the winds, and the entire globe is embellished with gold inscriptions and highlights. We may not run to this size of globe but we do have a massive selection of desktop and floor standing globes in antique and modern finishes.