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MOVA Antique 4.5" Globe

Now only one left in stock! Extremely difficult to get hold of!

  • Low-light solar cell technology
  • Use of the earth’s magnetic field to produce countertourque
  • Ultra low friction motor design
  • Micro volume fluid levitation technology


Let us cut to the chase ;-) please feel free to read the official description below, but in our opinion this is the ultimate globe. You really are going to be blown away by this one, it's totally fantastic and the best thing aside from a Cary's antique globe but then again it's a lot cheaper.

The MOVA can probably lay claim to being the world’s most advanced globe.  This amazing globe requires no power cord or batteries but works of the natural light that surrounds it.  It is available in two sizes and a number of striking finishes; so it is easy to find a MOVA globe that suites the surroundings of your home or office.  Each globe comes with a simple acrylic stand to best display it.  

How the MOVA globe works – the science behind the illusion

The MOVA globe rotates silently and elegantly powered only by the energy derived from natural light and the force of the Earth’s magnetic field.  The globe consists of an inner ball that spins within an outer shell of crystal clear acrylic that is stationary.  The thin space between the two spheres is filled with a perfectly clear liquid (harmless) that supports the inner ball and keeps it from touching the outer one.  This inner globe, floating and revolving in a virtually friction-free environment energized only by light can be compared to the Earth with its atmosphere hanging in space.  The optical properties of the outer shell and liquid have been carefully chosen so that the graphic representation (world map) on the surface of the inner sphere is magnified thereby appearing as if to be on the surface of the outer.  This gives the globe the appearance of spinning on its stand.  Although the globe comes supplied with a stand, it can sit on practically any support of your choice.  A carefully designed and highly efficient drive mechanism within the inner globe powers the rotation even in room light.  The energy for this is provided by very advanced solar cells within the inner ball which are illuminated by light passing through the graphic on the globe. The drive includes a magnetic element that reacts with the Earth’s magnetic field, much as a common compass does, to provide torque to drive the globe.  These elements work together to make the MOVA globe a beautiful and captivating objet d’art that provides a point of interest in any room.

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