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Atlas of Viticulture - Europe

to whine and die or to wine and dine that is the question

  • Interesting and beautiful
  • Informative and enlightening
  • Ideal present for the wine aficionado in your life



The three versions of the ‘Atlas of Viticulture’ (World, Europe and Germany) between them encompass more than 1500 of the world’s wine production areas.

Alongside the traditional wine regions, you will also find some new and unfamiliar terroirs.

Global warming is leading to profound change in viticulture. These days, wine is even produced in places like Alaska and Norway, which are generally more reminiscent of ice and snow.

At the other end of the scale, developments in tropical viticulture (new grape varieties and wine cellaring techniques) now mean that wine can be produced in countries like Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and Tanzania.

To depict the extraordinary diversity of wine and vineyards worldwide on just two maps is almost impossible. We have therefore had to compromise in order to appeal to both the professional connoisseur and the enthusiastic amateur.

We have set out to produce a map which was easy to read and included both traditional appellations as well as new and unfamiliar regions.

The scale of the map would not always allow the presentation of sub-regions or individual winemakers within the traditional production areas. However, larger scale maps of Germany, France, Italy and the Iberian Peninsula are also available in this series.

As far as possible, the map references are international and in the language of the particular country. Where they cannot be translated, for instance in areas where the Roman alphabet is not used or in places where more than one language is spoken (eg Belgium) or where misunderstanding may arise (Hrvatska – Croatia, Shqiperia – Albania), the current English term has been used or adjoined. 

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