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Greenland (Denmark)

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Greenland (Denmark)

Greenland is a self-governing part of Denmark. An island northeast of Canada, Greenland covers an area of approximately 2,170,000 sq km and has 44,087 km of coastline. Its terrain consists of an icecap that covers all but a narrow, mountainous, rocky coast. The country is divided into three districts: Avannaa, Tunu and Kitaa. Nuuk is the capital, with a time difference of 3 hours behind that of GMT. The currency is the Danish krone, and exports include fish, fish products, hides and skins. The population of approximately 57,600 people comprises an ethnic makeup that is 88% Greenlander (Inuit and Greenland-born whites) and 12% Danish and others. The primary languages are Greenlandic and Danish, and the predominant religion is Christianity.