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Iraq (full name, Republic of Iraq) covers an area of approximately 438,000 sq km. Its terrain mostly consists of broad plains with reedy marshes along the Iranian border in the south and mountains along the borders with Iran and Turkey. Iraq borders Iran, Jordan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Syria and Turkey, and has 58 km of coastline. The country is divided into 18 governorates (Al Anbar, Al Basrah, Al Muthanna, Al Qadisiyah, An Najaf, Arbil, As Sulaymaniyah, At Ta'mim, Babil, Baghdad, Dahuk, Dhi Qar, Diyala, Karbala', Maysan, Ninawa, Salah ad Din and Wasit) and one region (Kurdistan Regional Government). Baghdadis the capital, with a time difference of 3 hours ahead of GMT. The currency is the Iraqi dinar, and the major export is crude oil. The population of approximately 29,000,000 people comprises an ethnic makeup that is approximately 77% Arab and 17% Kurdish. The primary languages are Arabic and Kurdish, and the predominant religion is Islam.