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  • Eastern Asia

    Eastern Asia is a region of the vast continent of Asia that includes China,...



  • South-Central Asia

    Encompassing a part of the world reaching from Kazakhstan, southwest of...



  • South-East Asia

    The part of the world referred to as south-east Asia includes countries...



  • Western Asia and Middle East

    The terms ‘Western Asia’ and ‘Middle East’ are...




Asia, the world's largest and most populated continent, occupies the land mass to the east of Europe, bounded by the Pacific Ocean on the east, the Indian Ocean on the south and the Arctic Ocean on the north. The huge portion of the world defined as Asia has, not surprisingy, a great many different kinds of climate, including some of the coldest, the hottest, the wettest and the driest places on earth. Similarly the diversity in landscape and culture is enormous. Asia is home to the highest mountain ranges in the world, thousands of kilometres of desert, vast evergreen forests and frozen Arctic plains in the far north. Almost every ethnic variety can be found in Asia, along with a wealth of languages, dialects, customs and beliefs.