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Netherlands Antilles

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Netherlands Antilles

Netherlands Antilles (a semi-autonomous part of Netherlands) consists of two island groups in the Caribbean Sea. Composed of five islands, Curacao and Bonaire located off the coast of Venezuela, and Sint Maarten, Saba, and Sint Eustatius lie east of the US Virgin Islands, Netherlands Antilles covers a combined area of approximately 800 sq km and has a combined coastline of 364 km. Netherlands Antilles’ terrain is generally hilly with volcanic interiors. Willemstad, on Curacao, is the capital, with a time difference of 4 hours behind that of GMT. The currency is the Antillean guilder, and the main export is petroleum products. The population of approximately 227,000 people comprises an ethnic makeup that is 85% mixed black. The primary languages are Dutch, Papiamento, English and Spanish, and the predominant religion is Christianity.