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Libya (full name, The Great Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya) covers an area of approximately 1.77 million sq km. Largely barren, Libya has flat and undulating plains, plateaux and depressions. Libya borders Algeria, Chad, Egypt, Niger, Sudan and Tunisia, and has 1,770 km of coastline. The country is divided into 25 municipalities: Ajdabiya, Al 'Aziziyah, Al Fatih, Al Jabal al Akhdar, Al Jufrah, Al Khums, Al Kufrah, An Nuqat al Khams, Ash Shati', Awbari, Az Zawiyah, Banghazi, Darnah, Ghadamis, Gharyan, Misratah, Murzuq, Sabha, Sawfajjin, Surt, Tarabulus, Tarhunah, Tubruq, Yafran and Zlitan. Tripoli is the capital, with a time difference of 2 hours ahead of GMT. The currency is the Libyan dinar, and exports include crude oil, petroleum products and natural gas. The population of approximately 6,300,000 people has an ethnic mix of mostly Berber and Arab. The primary language is Arabic, and the predominant religion is Islam.