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Choosing a Map

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Choosing a Map

Choosing a Map

Personal preference

Choosing a map is very much a matter of personal choice and by allowing you to see the maps ‘in depth’ by zoomifying (only available on certain maps), we hope that this will make your decision easier. However there are some pointers that we can offer that will maybe help you to reach a decision.

If you are used to using a certain type of map its possible deficiencies may be outweighed by the comfort factor that using a familiar item engenders. When I was younger I cycled the length of Italy using TCI maps and now whenever I see their maps it brings back memories of that trip and I would use no other map when travelling in Italy.

Here you see two sample maps of part of Tuscany and I shall point out some of the differences that it may be worth thinking about when selecting a map.

Sample 1 is clear and unfussy and might be ideal if you are travelling by car and need to navigate easily and quickly. It provides sufficient detail including distances and basic tourist information.

Sample 2 is a lot busier and some people may even find it confusing. However it has a number of advantages that may be useful. Towns and villages are highlighted in green to reflect places of particular interest and spot heights and arrows on roads may be of use to cyclists trying to decide on a not too hilly route.


Remember, maps need not only be useful tools but they can be items to be enjoyed, poured over and helpful in stirring the imagination to visualize travels in far flung places.