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Planisphere 51.5° North 11.5 inch diameter

Your interstellar journey starts here, beam yourself up!

  • Adjust to the correct date and time to view local star chart
  • Perfect and simple for identifying constellations
  • Fabricated from plastic very durable if looked after
  • Invaluable aid to speedy sky navigation


Plan your trip to go boldly where no man or woman has gone before! We may not have a suitable hyperluminal spacecraft to hand, but....we can all dream; with the aid of this fantastic product.

Designed for use in the British Isles, Northern Europe, Northern USA and Canada, this Philip's Planisphere shows the positions of the stars and constellations for every night of the year. The plane of the Milky Way is also shown on this hour by hour tracker of the stars, which comes in a clear protective plastic sleeve. A printed insert features a full-colour, season-by-season guide for novice stargazers, in which major constellations are used as signposts to aid navigation of the night sky. The movement of the stars (as we perceive it) through the sky is fully explained also. 

The Philips Planisphere comes with full instructions on how to use it, how to locate the planets, and how to work out the times of sunrise and sunset for any day of the year.

In short:- this is one of the best and cheapest introductions to astronomy available, with features to be found useful by novices and enthusiasts alike. Mapping shows stars down to magnitude 5, plus several of the most prominent deep-sky objects (Messier Objects). Great value for money, this is a hugely educational item which will last a very long time if well looked after.

Happy stargazing!


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