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Planets of Our Solar System 3D Map

A present sent in three dimensions is better than one in two

  • True 3D effect
  • Eyecatching and a great talking point


The Sun is the largest star in our galaxy and it is what makes up most of the mass in our Solar System. The remaining mass is made up by the eight planets, the largest planet Jupiter forming most of that. The four closest planets to the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars, are known as the terrestrial planets, meaning they are all similar in a way the outer planets are not. The so-called Gas Giants are Jupiter and Saturn and Uranus and Neptune are referred to as Ice Giants. This map of the Planets of our Solar System displays the eight planets and the Moon in situ around the sun.

When looking at a real object our eyes perceive it from two slightly differing angles since they are set apart. The brain constructs three-dimensional depth from this difference. Due to the nature of the angles, closer objects have more of a three dimensional effect than those further away.

True-3D displays contain several shots of the same subject taken from different perspectives. These images are slotted into each other by a highly complex process and then covered by a minutely adjusted lenticular foil coating. This adjustment or registration is what makes the 3D effect good or bad, mbmSystems are acknowledged to be the masters of True 3D.

The images are so realistic that you can feel objects literally coming out at you and many people feel that if they touch it their fingers will disappear into the image.

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